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I have the little girls' dream job. I'm a flight attendant.

People always ask me what it's like and I want to tell everyone bit by bit. The happy parts, at least.

I would like to share a thing or two about places, people, travels, food, fashion, good-buys, and anything else worth sharing. As I continue to use this site, I would love to learn about landscape photography. Quite frankly, I'm such a sucker at that. Nevertheless, I will post my amateur photos still.

Let's explore the world together and learn new things, shall we?

***NOTE: For my blogspot readers, I have closed that site already because I obviously am having a hard time maintaining two. The travel blogs and some will be transferred here soon. Cheers to a new site which I hope I will be able to maintain!***

Singlehandedly built a basher name for himself all because of a blanket: DENNIS GARCIA

So there’s this new up and coming basher slash drama queen on the internet who ultimately bashed a fellow FA for a blanket… SERIOUSLY?!

I tried to comment nicely on his blogpost but it wasn’t somehow approved because I speak the truth. Well, how can I not? I’m a Flight Attendant myself and I know how things go in an aircraft.  Because of this, I decided to revive my blog just so I could publicly post my comment too.

First, here’s my supposedly comment which was not accepted to be posted as a reply.

Being a flight attendant is not a walk in the park. People tend to think so. Just to be clear, I am a crew for an International Company, not for PAL. To enlighten you on how things work because I feel that this mentioning of names is so not needed and a form of internet bashing, please read this.

Yes, you were wronged because you didn’t get your blanket right away. However, if the clown you are talking about didn’t show his face again in your area and you didn’t find him chilling in the galley (and now called has no balls for a confrontation), he might actually not be part of those assigned in your zone. –SO. What usually happens in this case if one crew passes by a zone (not his) and somebody asks for something (and the crew is just passing by to do something else), the thing asked for is endorsed to whoever mans the area. Now the thing is, you weren’t able to CONFRONT the steward so you’ll never know if it was endorsed or not. Crew are highly skilled in APOLOGIZING for whichever inconvenience it is a passenger may experience… Be it our own fault or not. Him not having the balls, is questionable and weird or probably was just ASSUMED because he was not there. IF this blanket thing was actually endorsed to somebody else (which you’ll never know), I FEEL FOR THE NAMED “CLOWN” YOU’RE BASHING.

am a customer for a lot of other things too but I never bashed that person who didn’t give me my water. I will complain but not use my internet prowess to bash because it will just give a negative reflection of me in the long run. I have had given my fair share of “uncaring nod” because I had to work the day a family member died or the day I couldn’t go home because I was not allowed to and I didn’t know how to smile. Guess you’ll never know, right?

Not getting your blanket, is it reason enough to bash someone on the internet and be called a clown? If people will have the same mentality as you, one day I hope not to read the person who singlehandedly destroyed Jollibee’s reputation because of ketchup. 


My curiosity killed me and so I asked around. We have a small circle where people know people who work for this and that airlines. In short, I learned things regarding our drama queen’s overly exaggerated post.

Let’s start with 1) Our exhausted, hungry dingaling… (Oh did I just say dingaling?) who had come from an all-night editing gig and rushed to the airport with no sleep ASKED FOR A BLANKET DURING THE BOARDING PROCESS AND GOT HIS BLANKET EVEN BEFORE DOORS WERE CLOSED (OMG, when I learned this, I was like, he must have had a really bad childhood)

2) His 15minutes was another (boom!) EXAGGERATION. In less than ten minutes, before DOORS WERE CLOSED AND THE AIRCRAFT STARTED MOVING, HE GOT HIS BLANKET. (What??? Did I just say it again? From his post I could only derive he was shivering half of the flight and was not given any attention at all.  But OMG again, his drama unfolded during the BOARDING ONLY.)

Well, from the title of his blogpost anyway, I couldn’t expect more than anything but an exaggeration, right? 


Allow me to bitch, just once.

Dear Mr. Basher, I hope your butt doesn’t hurt given the size of the stick you shoved up it!  (There goes the bitch in me finally speaking up.)

**image from pinterest. thank you to whoever started pinning this.

View of the London Bridge from Tower Hill. 

It never ceases to amaze me. I remember sitting out in the cold staring at it.  It always is a sight to see.  The picture was taken with a Samsung Galaxy S3 since I didn’t have my Nikon with me.

Tube station: Tower Hill

View of the London Bridge from Tower Hill.

It never ceases to amaze me. I remember sitting out in the cold staring at it. It always is a sight to see. The picture was taken with a Samsung Galaxy S3 since I didn’t have my Nikon with me.

Tube station: Tower Hill

a slice of paradise

Because of the bad vibes I had today,  I cannot help thinking of relaxing things to do.  There are quite a lot on my list.  Reading a book under a shade in Boracay is sure part of it!

a delayed post: Sunset (Hudson River)

a delayed post: Sunset (Hudson River)

Champs-Elysees at Night (during the holidays)


One can never be too grumpy if brought along Champs Elysées during the holidays.  The lights are ablaze, different kinds of food all around, trinkets spread out, holiday cheers everywhere!  Even the grinch will be happy to be here.


If looking for souvenirs to bring back home, buy the small eiffel tower keychains not from the souvenir shops but from the guys selling them around tourist spots.  WAAAAAAAY cheaper!  It comes in gold, silver and bronze.  They have the big ones too for table top display.  The vendors are usually just by the Eiffel, scattered outside Louvre, and Notre Dame.  I didn’t notice them in other areas.  But if you see them, make a bargain for 5-6 keychains/1euro.  They will try to sell it to you 4 for 1. =D




One of my favorite shots… Think I’m improving?  Well, I think I am. :)

(Versailles at night)

(Versailles at night)

How I Met Your Mother


The quest for Ted’s Bar, as we call it… Two of my friends and I braved the wind and the zero degree temperature in Manhattan to find Ted’s Bar where he hangs out with his friends in the series How I Met Your Mother.  Haha!  

It was a very cold day and sleeping in would have been great! But… It was a rare chance for us to be together in a long haul flight and a semi long layover, so my friends and I still went to Manhattan to go around and experience the parts of the city we haven’t visited.  We ended up in Greenwich Village during the day and Soho at night.  To spice up my night, we came across a sample sale in Soho and I was able to pick up a white bubble jacket  at a bargain.  I don’t know why shopping comes near me all the time.  I have been trying to stay away. Really. =)